Rolled Roast of Damara

Damara are well known for the fantastic quality of their meat. Mark Flynn takes us through the process of producing a perfect Damara rolled roast

First you place the whole forequarter in front of you running a sharp knife down one side of the joint hugging the bone.
Once you have removed the entire piece off trim any internal fat pockets you see but not the external.

Then carefully remove the shoulder blade bone and the bolar bone ( long bone with a knuckle at each end.
You can season with a good quality lamb seasoning or garlic etc.
I have netting at home however a trip to your local butcher and I’m sure he will let you have approx. 1’ of netting, you can also use cooking twine as well if that is all you have!
Then roll the roast into shape put the netting over your hand and then just feed it over until whole piece is covered.
I love using a spit for this type of cooking
They are pretty cheap ,about $80 from Bunnings and they offer a no mess and very tasty cooking option for a lazy Sunday night meal or entertaining family and friends.
Its very easy, tastes fantastic and another great way to enjoy Damara sheep

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