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Getting Started-Setting up

Damaras are introduced into existing sheep and or/cropping operations with minimal changes to infrastructure. Damaras have minimal management costs due to lack of shearing, less chemical use and no mulesing.  Two structured matings in first year establishes six-monthly lambing intervals or if leaving rams running with ewes, first drop will occur five to six months later.


It is important that new producers explore set-up costs and weigh up savings in management costs –v- potential income. Comparative economic analyses since 1996 of Damara and meat sheep breeds show they have potential to consistently deliver high gross margins, due to improved reproductive productivity, prime premiums and lower production costs.

Membership Forms

 Becoming a member

The Damara Sheep Breeders’ Society of Australia Inc. is an incorporated body that has as its first stated objective;

“To encourage of the breeding of and improvement of the Damara Sheep in Australia, and maintenance of the purity and type of the Breed.”

The Society is the peak industry body of the Australian Damara sheep industry. There are three membership types:

Stud Membership ($200 per annum, 2022-23)
Stud Members have full voting rights. Stud Members breed registerable Stud stock and comply with the Society’s Bylaws. The Society has introduced Bylaws (or rules) to oversee the pedigree and bloodlines of Stud Members’ Damara flocks. Stud Members have access to the Society’s Flock Register where sheep pedigrees are recorded in line with the Bylaws, and stud sheep transfers to other Stud Members too may be recorded in the Flock Register. Registered Damara sheep will be assigned a registration number and certification. Stud Members will complete an Annual Return to provide a ‘snapshot’ of their Stud operations. The Society promotes its Stud Members’ operations through this website. Stud members have the opportunity to network with their Damara breeding peers where they may discuss good sheep breeding practices or be made aware of commercial opportunities.

Associate Membership ($55 per annum, 2022-23)
Associate Members do not have full voting rights. Associate Members are supporters of the Damara sheep breed however do not breed registerable Stud stock. Commercial Damara breeders as well as sheep industry product suppliers including; stock agents, farming suppliers, and other agriculturally-based service providers are encouraged to support the objectives of the Society by taking out Associate Membership.

Life Membership
Life Members are recognised by the Society for their service to the Society and the pursuit of its objectives. Life Membership is bestowed by the Society’s Management Committee.

All members have the opportunity to meet by videoconference and participate at the Annual General Meeting that is traditionally held in August. Members may nominate for the Society’s Management Committee.

As such the Society;

  • Promotes awareness of registered Damara breeders through the membership list on this website
  • Oversees the Society’s Flock Register that records sheep pedigrees and movements with the view to supporting the advancement of the Damara in Australia, and
  • Provides a network for like-minded Damara breeders and industry supporters.

Please download the membership form. Stud Membership applicants are to read the contained ‘Guidelines for setting up a Damara Stud’, and; secure a membership nomination from a current Member, present details of a Foundation Flock, and submit payment to the Society.

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