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Damaras In Australia
The Damara is a unique breed of meat sheep ideally suited to our Australian climate.
The name 'Damara' comes from Damaraland in Namibia. The Himba Tribe from Damaraland kept them for many hundreds of years, and this is where the South African farmers purchased their first Damara flocks. No doubt Damara were held by many more tribes in that area in addition to the Himba.
Damara were separated from all other sheep breeds in Southern Africa for a substantial time and developed or kept their unique abilities because of this isolation.
Damaras were introduced to Australia from South Africa in 1996.
Damara have adapted to extreme climates and harsh environments as they have migrated to many countries.
Damara Sheep tolerate heat well and can walk long distances, making use of feed away from watering points. They have been performing successfully in wheatbelt regions, pastoral country, and all extremes of climate in Australia. Damaras can be adapted to existing farming infrastructures and provide an excellent commercial opportunity to increase meat production without any of
the negative, labour intensive activities required to raise many other breeds, especially wool sheep breeds.
The Damara ewe has very high fertility and can produce lambs at 7-month intervals once fully grown, often producing twins. Damara ewes are polyoestrous and can produce lambs at any time of the year for this reason. High lamb yields are maintained by running a ram within the flock all year
round. The ewes, if on good pasture can sustain much closer lambing intervals than other breeds while still maintaining good body condition.
Damara have been live exported successfully for many years, mostly from Western Australia. Western Australia exports 97% of all live sheep exports in Australia. The Damara sheep is a preferred export breed for middle eastern countries.